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  Kimberley Faro | Referent auf der interzum @home 2021


Kimberley Faro

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Kimberley Faro Creative Director
Printerior B.V.

Kimberley Faro

Printerior is a young Dutch company born as a subsidiary of IMS Werkendam. For over 30 years, IMS has been a leading professional in the field of surface finishing in coatings for interior and exterior applications.
With their shared passion for surface finishes, Leendert Hoogendoorn and Kimberley Faro went in search of a new matching finish.
The keywords innovation, creativity and development led them to 2.5D relief printing, from which Printerior was founded in 2019.
Kimberley developed her creative drive during her Interior Design course at SintLucas in Boxtel. After graduating in 2012, she started working at IMS Werkendam where clear traces of her creative yet technical talents soon became visible, eventually leading her to Printerior.
As creative director at Printerior, she is responsible for the strategic and creative role within the company.
Combined with Kimberley's creative, technical background, Leendert’s entrepreneurial business background creates a unique interaction and mix of ingredients.
Our goal? Give every surface the finish it deserves!
With its 2.5D and 2D prints, Printerior focuses mainly on interior and exterior applications. Examples include glass walls, paintings, wall coverings and furniture. Our technical expertise and combining of creativity in different materials and structures enables Printerior to add extra durability and user engagement to its products.
Our specially equipped print room is where the most extraordinary prints come to life. From the most beautiful stained-glass prints to printed wood structures to paintings with the original look and feel!
The room is equipped with a Canon Arizona flatbed XT 1360 printer, with a total printing area of 3.08x2.5m, with which we create simply fantastic products using the most advanced software, beautiful designs and razor-sharp prints.
At Printerior we work together with architects, designers and photographers, as well as with interior builders, shipyards and home-improvement stores. We love to enter into a commitment with our clients to advise and inspire them as best we can, and to realise a fantastic end product together. Advice on substrates, colour usage, relief elevation and finishing – Printerior has all the know-how and skills and provides a total package!
We not only represent the link between IMS and Printerior as a surface specialist, but this relationship also involves an essential form of cooperation.
Prints can be made more durable and/or decorated by coatings, but conversely coatings can be embellished too. For example, the combination of a matt, epoxy or metal coating with a print creates phenomenal products that push many boundaries and offer a whole new dimension to interior design – all under one roof!
Printerior opens design doors. A new feeling, on every level!


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