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  Frank Jänschke | Referent auf der interzum @home 2021


Frank Jänschke

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Frank Jänschke Senior Sales Manager
Mimaki Deutschland GmbH

Frank Jänschke

For more than 30 years, I am working in the signage industry for large format cutter and printers which provided me with much experience as well as much knowledge. I was engaged in various segments of this industry, ranging from being a technology expert to overseeing both, Sales and Marketing including technical understanding of large format printers.
My approach was always study and understand the products, analyse the market situation and compare to the competition products in the industry. Find the key selling points against the competition believe in your products and create training and information material for B2B and B2C business.
In the last 10 years of my roles, education and coaching of an internal sales force as well as partners was crucial and led to increasing customer satisfaction as well as increasing sales and market share. Maintaining loyal channel networks was also important to ensure long term business relationships and a steady revenue stream. During my whole career, I worked for only a few companies to whom I showed utmost loyalty and with which we grew together.

• Highly driven and bilingual B2B Sales and Marketing as well technical Specialist, currently working as sales specialist of all wide format inkjet products at Mimaki Deutschland.
• Diverse and profound skill set in large format printing (LFP) through more than 30 years of professional experience from both, a technical as well as business perspective.
• Worked for one of the biggest European distributor (Brunner(2Y); Spandex Group (8Y)), as well as for renowned worldwide-acting manufacturers, Zünd (2Y), Mutoh (8Y), Seiko (4Y), OKI (5Y) and now Mimaki (1Y).


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