Köln: 09.–12.05.2023 #interzum

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Wellbeing: Home beyond comfort | Veranstaltung auf der interzum @home 2021
interzum Trend Stage presented by Trendfilter

Wellbeing: Home beyond comfort

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05.05.2021 | 10:00 - 10:15 Uhr
Global Design Trends
interzum Trend Stage

interzum Trend Stage presented by Trendfilter
Waldenburger Str. 2
32547 Bad Oeynhausen
+49 160 66787734

Die Veranstaltung

From caves to microflats, homes have changed radically over time -  but one thing about them hasn’t: the desire for wellbeing.

But wellbeing at home isn’t simply about softer cushions, sturdier build or labour-saving convenience anymore.

New technology-infused lifestyles have led to an extended understanding of wellbeing and new consumer expectations towards what a home should do for us.

In his talk, Joon-Mo Lee will muse about the meanings of home and the necessity to look for innovation beyond the comfort zone of traditional business perspectives.