Köln: 09.–12.05.2023 #interzum

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Germany's first 3D printed building | Veranstaltung auf der interzum @home 2021
Green Smart Materials presented by Haute Innovation

Germany's first 3D printed building

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07.05.2021 | 11:00 - 11:25 Uhr
3D printing
Green Smart Materials

Green Smart Materials presented by Haute Innovation

Die Veranstaltung

Given the global megatrends of labor shortages and the need for more buildings, increasing the productivity in the construction industry is a significant challenge. We are therefore convinced that 3D construction printing technology will be used in various segments in the future and will significantly increase not only productivity in the construction industry, but also the attractiveness of the construction industry as a whole among skilled workers.

With the printing of the first residential building in PERI has now demonstrated: The technology is ready for the market. The building has taken all official approval processes without any problems and will be inhabited. In his presentation Jan Graumann will not only provide insights about the planning process of the building but also about the printing process itself.


3D-Renderingmodell Quelle: MENSE-KORTE