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2.5D embossed print for interior | Veranstaltung auf der interzum @home 2021
Digital Printing presents

2.5D embossed print for interior

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06.05.2021 | 15:30 - 15:45 Uhr
digital printing
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Digital Printing presents

Die Veranstaltung

Pushing the boundaries with 2.5D relief printing in the world of interior design?

2.5D relief printing makes it possible to break through those existing boundaries. The 2.5D printing technology takes elevation as an extra dimension in the world of design prints and interiors.

The tangible and visible structures create special dynamic effects and bring interiors to life!

2.5D relief printing creates a whole new dimension to interiors. Think of a wall covering with the look and feel of real leather, windows with a modern or traditional stained-glass design or a well-known painting with tangible brush strokes like the original, but printed!

The power of using 2.5D embossing technology is the freedom it offers, but also the possibility of printing the most unusual designs directly onto the substrate.

The freedom in 2.5D relief printing is limited only by your imagination and creativity. So it's no exaggeration to talk of an unlimited number of possibilities.

But how can you as a designer really get the opportunity to apply 2.5D printing in your project?

To actually bring a print to life, you need a digital design. To apply relief, a digital elevation file must be created from this file. This tells the printer exactly which parts of the design need to have elevation printed on them and allows you to specify elevation nuances.

Digital elevation file ready? Time to choose the surface.

The variety of substrates is also very diverse.

These include different types of wood, glass and acrylic, but also aluminium, bio-based materials and wallpaper. 2.5D relief printing can be applied on almost all flat materials with a maximum dimension of 3080x2500x50mm.

Design complete and the substrate selected? Now let the printer do the rest of the work! The relief elevation can vary up to a height of 1mm.

If a print has an elevation of 1 mm, it will be made up of 40 layers of ink applied using UV/LED technology. The ink is immediately cured by the UV/LED lamps, making it perfect for building up multiple layers.

duration of the video: 10"

The fact that the ink hardens immediately means that the product is directly ready to be removed from the printing bed.

Is the design entirely to your liking, but would you like to play with gloss or an extra protective layer?

The 2.5D print lends itself perfectly to being finished with a clear coating. This can give an extra gloss finish, or rather a matt one.

A transparent coating on a 2.5D print offers aesthetically challenging and playful effects, but it can also offer results in terms of protection. Tables, floors and other utility items, for example, are given a longer life by this protective layer.

2.5D relief printing opens design doors. A new feeling, on every level!