Köln: 09.–12.05.2023 #interzum

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(@)home digital printing design | Veranstaltung auf der interzum @home 2021
Digital Printing presents

(@)home digital printing design

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07.05.2021 | 14:30 - 14:45 Uhr
digital printing
interzum Trend Stage

Digital Printing presents

Die Veranstaltung

duration of the video 8' 54"

Our living space is standardized - and yet we want @home our individual atmosphere. Digital printing with all its facets gives us the freedom and the possibility to turn standard productions into an individual experience - industrial production for the individual @home. The pandemic situation forces us to rethink - digital printing opens the world to new creative living landscapes without leaving the standards. The customer designs his personal living space from @home - The production companies implement these cost-efficiently, flexibly and in-time with the help of new technologies. The right time is now - think digital to create an independent living experience.