Köln: 04.–07.05.2021 #interzum

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Dongshin Polymer Co. Ltd. | Aussteller auf der interzum 2019

Dongshin Polymer Co. Ltd.

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Dongshin Polymer Co. Ltd.
41-66, Chungseo-ro 966bungil Guhang-myeon, Hongseong-gun
Korea, Süd
+82 41 6306609
+82 41 6346595
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Unternehmen und Produkte
Dongshin Polymer PP foil

Dongshin Polymer is global leader of luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, polypropylene, and vinyl foils on top of quality in Korea. Our vertical integrated production system makes it possible to ensure stable supply and shorter lead time than other companies. And our product is produced under superior quality control from raw layer sheet to end products

Calendering line for layer sheet
Printing and UV coating line
Dry laminating and coating line
Laminating and embossing line for end products

Dongshin Polymer's PP foil is the high quality decorative surface film made of non-PVC olefin, polypropylene. As the Environmental organizations points out polypropylene is not classifiable nor likely to be a human carcinogen, not suspected to be an environmental toxin and not suspected of being bio accumulative.

Surface materials for laminating and covering furniture, room door, door frame, profiles, and etc.

Non toxic, chloric-gas in fire
DOP free
Easy processing
Lightweight and easy handling
Light fastenness and nonfading
High performance in scratch, chemical and stain resistance
Very smooth touch and easy to clean
Natural wood and deep embossing