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Akdemir End. Amb. Mak. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. | Aussteller auf der interzum 2019

Akdemir End. Amb. Mak. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

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Akdemir End. Amb. Mak. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Org. San. Böl. 16. Cad. No: 49
38170 Melikgazi / Kayseri
+90 352 3213004
+90 352 3213006
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Product Description

This machine is mainly used for roll packing spring units to save shipping and storage cost. Spring units to be covered by wrappings material ( Kraft paper “Spring paper e.t.c). It reducing unit area of spring units during transportation and storage by 1/14 ratio and for preventing collapses in spring system which may occur during use.

Technical Details

PLC controlled operator control panel

Touchpad TFT screen panel for operation control

Speed adjustment control with driver

Automatic wrapping material cutting and hotmelt gluing system

Spring unit winder cylinder dancer system

Compression adjustment according to specifications of spring to be rolled

Types of springs to be rolled; Bonnell, Pocket. (Standard spring units)

Maximum 200cm wide of spring unit to be packed

High of  spring unit to be packed; Maximum 18cm for bonnell and 22 cm for pocket

Ability to roll spring units included Flat (lOxl.4mm) border frame or not included

Recommended roll diameter is 50cm. But it is able to roll maximum 65cm diameter

Ability to roll maximum 12 rolls per hour Bobbin holders (ø75mm) wrapping material with air shaft

Ability to attach two pieces wrapping material / bobbin (equal or different in size)

Ability to attach maximum 80cm diameter of wrapping material roll

Automatic wrapping material attachment on to winder cylinder

Automatic spring unit feeding system

Ability to determine and count number of spring unit to be rolled

Spring unit in-feed alignment unit mounted on feeding system

Spring unit feeding interval signalization system

Warning system indicating completion of required number of spring unit

The machine stops automatically when the wrapping material runs out